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In designing and setting up an Internet site too often we focus exclusively on the multimedia and the graphic impact, leaving out, instead, a rigorous examination of the navigability of the site itself. A similar omission is all the more serious the more it threatens to heavily penalize the indexing of the site by search engines , which reason differently from human users and that, however, are the most important referees of the success of a website .

A site not correctly read by search engines is likely to be heavily penalized and to require huge efforts, even from an economic point of view, to reach a level of visibility that is barely acceptable.
Through the SEF (Search Engine Friendly) optimization service, the experts of MiaWeb.itanalyze the existing site thoroughly and rewrite the code or reorganize the navigation structure in order to ensure the best possible indexing by search engines. At the end of the optimization work, the site has a structure that can also guarantee its future indexing. The aspect and the logic of the site are not altered, but the contents of the site itself appear more appealing to search engines that reward the site by placing it at the top of the search results (SERP).
If necessary the work of the experts MiaWeb.itit is conducted in close collaboration with the Web master who is in any case responsible for publishing the variations suggested by our technicians. During the collaboration a quick reference manual is then released to maintain the Search Engine Friendly site.