Mia Web

Web Marketing

We transform your website into a vendor who works for you 24/7 a day.
We are skilled in social media marketing, positioning, marketing analysis, business development, online advertising (Google Adwords Campaigns, Faceboock).

Very often, we think that the positioning is on the search engines.
In reality, as the luminary William Pride claims, Marketing is a process of production, promotion, distribution and determination of the price of goods, services or ideas in order to establish satisfactory relations with the client in a dynamic environment.

Buy only one tool, such as SEO, the Social MM, the PPC of Adwords.

Our web marketing campaign:

1 – Setting goals
We set goals together (eg achieve at least 100 new customers, sell at least 1,000 products, etc.).

2 – We define the strategy
We analyze the market and define the strategy to be implemented to persuade, establish a relationship with the customer, sell the proposed product.

3 – Implement the interventions
Structuring the strategy, we implement the interventions through the most effective dissemination channels, carefully scheduling all the development phases.

4 –
We design improvements We analyze the data produced, we interpret the behavior assumed by users, we plan to make the strategy even more effective.

Focusing on established objectives is fundamental to the effectiveness of the strategy; has a clear vision, helps to clarify the purpose of the strategy and how to achieve it in the shortest time and with the least possible budget expenditure.

The strategies that we plan

  • Search Engines – Search Engine Placement
  • Sponsored ads – Pay per click advertising
  • Social network – Social Media Marketing
  • Video and audio sharing platforms – Video and audio spots
  •  Adv on landing & sales pages